Driving on Google Earth!

About six month ago, I released 'Google Map Racing Game'.

But it was not enough to some people, who wanted to drive on Google Earth...


Look at this movie. I climbed up Mt.Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan), and drove on the expressways in Tokyo.

How to play

The latest version of Google Earth (4.0.2080 beta or later) must be installed.

This software works on Windows and Google Earth. I do not check on Google Earth Plus, Pro and Enterprise Edition.

  1. Download drive_earth.hta and execute it.

  2. Then, Google Earth starts, and you will see Mt.Fuji.

  3. Click 'drive_earth.hta' application to make it topmost window

  4. Press 'Z' to accelerate, and 'Right' and 'Left' to turn. Enjoy driving!!!

The following keys are available.

Key Description
Right, Left Handle
Z Accelerator
X Brake
C Reverse
Up, Down Change camera height.
A, S Change camera angle.


  • To go far away, press 'Up' key and zoom up. When you are close to the destination, zoom up by pressing 'Down' key.
  • Check 'Terrian' on Layers panel. You can enjoy climbing Mt.Fuji and walk across Grand Canyon.

How it works

This software communicates with Google Earth using its COM interface. This interface is not announced by Google. This interface is announced by google on September 26, 2006. See here: http://earth.google.com/comapi/.
You can look the definition of ths interface using OLE/COM Object Viewer('Type Libraries' -> 'Google Earth 1.0 Type Library').