Bugzilla: Edit bug status using Perl script

I wrote a perl script which adds a comment and modify status of bug in Bugzilla. This script is useful if you want to fix a bug automatically with a commit log.

#!/usr/bin/perl -I/path/to/bugzilla -I/path/to/bugzilla/lib

use strict;
use Bugzilla;
use Bugzilla::User;
use Bugzilla::Status;
use Bugzilla::Bug;
use utf8;

&update_bug(1, "ほげほげ");

# API document: http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/4.2/en/html/api/
sub update_bug {
    my ($bug_id, $text) = @_;

    # open bug
    my $bug = Bugzilla::Bug->new($bug_id);
    die $bug->error if defined $bug->error;

    # get user
    my $user = Bugzilla::User->new({name => 'admin@example.com'});
    die 'user not found!!!!' unless defined $user;

    # login

    # comment to the bug

    # FIXED
    $bug->set_bug_status(Bugzilla::Status->new({name => 'RESOLVED'}),
                         {resolution => 'FIXED'});

    # save to database

Tested on Bugzilla 4.2.5.

When you are using Git, call this subroutine from post-receive hook.


  • This script must be executed on the server Bugzilla installed.
  • I'm using undocumented module, Bugzilla::Bug. At first, I tried to use Bugzilla::WebService::Bug (documented), but it depends on Test/Taint module and my server doesn't have the module.