LiveReloadX 0.2.0 Released: try include/exclude filter

LiveReloadX 0.2.0 is released.

If you want to install, type npm install -g livereloadx. If you have installed older versions, run npm update -g livereloadx.

With older version, if you modifying any files under the monitored directory, browsers are reloaded. It means that running git commit made browsers reloaded.

So, I add a command line options to specify include/exclude filter.

For example, if you want to cache directory not to be watched, specify as follows:

$ livereloadx --exclude cache

And more, LiveReloadX 0.2.0 monitors files with extension such as html, shtml, css, js, jpg, gif, png, cgi, php... If you want to watch files with extension ini, run following:

$ livereloadx --include "*.ini"

Iinclude/exclude options works like rsync. See FILTER RULES section of rsync manual for details.

Try it now!!