as3Query: alpha version (New Wave ActionScript)

as3Query is an ActionScript3.0 port of John Resig's exellent JavaScript library jQuery 1.2.1.

This port is released under the MIT and GPL licenses(as is the original jQuery). Documentation is NOT available. Please refer to the original jQuery Documentation. Most features are ported except for Ajax methods.


Full source code for the engine and examples is hosted on a Subversion(SVN) server.

For anonymous check-out, the command is:

svn co


25 Boxes

This demo shows how to create instances and monitor events.

25 Boxes + Tweener

jQuery animation may be poor for Flash creators. So, I added 'addTween' method to cooperate with 'Tweener' (a famous AS3 animation library).

CSS Selector Demo

You can test CSS Selector-based DisplayObject traversal. For example, CSS "E" matches all of the instances of class E.

The demo uses an XML to create and place shapes. See the XML object in the source code. When as3Query receives the XML, it creates instances and set attributes according to the XML. It looks like an HTML (or a MXML), doesn't it?